'the unWANTED present'

In the Wild West town of Desertville, Billy is busy getting ready for Christmas. He has carefully chosen gifts for those people who he thinks will give him the best presents in return. Much to his disappointment, the first present he receives contains only a key...

The LUKE Theatre Group has performed over 1000 shows in primary schools. We are a Christian group whose aim is to present, in an enjoyable and relevant way, the meaning behind the Christian festivals in our calendar. 'the unWANTED present' is an exciting and entertaining performance packed with puppets, storytelling, magic and fun, suitable for all primary school age children.

There is no fixed charge for our shows; instead we
prefer to ask schools for a donation to help cover our costs.
A realistic guideline is between £80 and £150.

To book our show, fill in the form
below or contact Julian Wolton on
0121 585 5662.

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